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Design Foundations

Creativity is a cognitive ability and problem solving process that enables individuals to use their intelligence in a way that is unique and directed towards creation of a product. The keywords of creative thinking should be summarized as critical thinking, divergent cognitive style, heuristic search, holistic approach, lateral thinking, etc. Design students who advance in this field are met with the innovative educational methods such as “learning by doing”, “project teaching”, “student centered learning”, “problem based learning” because design ability relies fundamentally on non-verbal media of thought and communication.

In this course, students are introduced to the abstract language and principles common to all visual activity while they develop an understanding of the 2D- and 3D- elements of design in principles of; point, line, plane, shape/form, value, color, and texture – along with the education on how to unify these elements in a clear visual conceptual organization. The project sequence also introduces students to the fundamental stages of designing spaces, including concept development, programming, diagramming, schematic planning, design development and presentation methodology.