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Rouben’s architectural education was an innovative, multi-disciplinary curriculum, fusing architecture, art and design. Since 2002, he has served as an educator at various universities and colleges and is currently a faculty member at California State University, Chico. In the past, he has held positions at the Otis School of Art and Design, University of California Los Angeles, and New York School of Interior Design. As an academic, he has always been interested in social and environmental conditions, which help to debate the connections between nature of culture and of design, the future of cities, and the changing role of architects, designers and artists. Rouben says that “as a teacher it is important for me to give the students the intellect and skills necessary for success in the design field. Design is a problem solving process, it is important to enable the students to go beyond the basics, allowing them to think creatively and originally in the application of ‘techné. Design is also a research process involving technical research, case study research and the investigation of various design possibilities or opportunities relative to a contextual situation. As it is contextual, I try to inspire my students to become life-long learners and to continue to seek knowledge long after they leave the classroom.”